Rust for Rubyists

Writing Your First Rust Program

Okay! Let’s get down to it: in order to call yourself an “X Programmer,” you must write “Hello, world” in X. So let’s do it. Open up a text file: I’ll use vim because I’m that kind of guy, but use whatever you want. Rust programs end in .rs:

$ vim

Put this in it:

fn main() {
    println!("Hello, world.");

And compile it with rustc:

$ rustc

It should compile without error. If you get one, double check that you have the semicolons, the curlies, double quotation marks, and the parentheses. Errors look like this:

$ rustc 2:11 error: expected `{` but found `println`     println("Hello, world.");

This happened when I left off the curly brace after the main function above.

This isn’t an error:

$ rustc
warning: no debug symbols in executable (-arch x86_64)

It happens on OSX for some versions of Rust. You can safely ignore it.

To run your program, do the Usual UNIX Thing:

$ ./hello

And you should see “Hello, world.” print to the screen. Congrats!