Xu kai - Yanxi Palace's Xu Kai Scolded By Auntie After He Rejects Her Request For A Photo

Kai xu Kai Xu

Kai xu Xu Kai

Royal Feast

Kai xu Xu Kai

Xu Kai is drunk at the street? His old love insults him

Kai xu Xu Kai’s

Kai xu Xu Kai

In 2021, Xu Kai will soon debut six new dramas, and the heroines are all popular!

Kai xu The True

Kai xu Xu Kai

Kai xu In 2021,

Dance of the Sky Empire (2020)

Kai xu Xu Kai’s

Kai xu Kevin (Kai)

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  • Unfortunately, she is not great with all roles…I am sure as her character mature, we will see her more relaxed and fit into the role better… As for Xu Kai, he has a limited range of acting ability… he will only do well if he has a good co-star that can lead him into his role.

Acting is good, all the actors are really doing their good jobs.

  • • Oct.

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