Rust for Rubyists

The classic first community tutorial to Rust

Back in Rust 0.5, there wasn't a lot of documentation for Rust. I wrote down information as I learned the language, and put together this introduction to the language. read online for free or download a PDF, MOBI, or EPUB.

Frequently Asked Questions

Didn't you used to charge for this?

Yup! I wanted to pay for the cost of hosting. But now, I'm releasing it for free, 100%. You can donate me $5 if you want to, though.


I have recently started a contract to re-write the official Rust tutorial, and so, don't plan on putting significant future effort into Rust for Rubyists. It'd just be the new official tutorial anyway! You can check out my work in progress here and here.

So I should read the official docs then?

Well, they're not done yet.

Which version of Rust does this cover?

I update for each release. The current release is 0.11. Many people use Rust nightly, however, so some details have probably changed between now and then.